A Community Where Brands Connect & Collaborate

Collab Community is a virtual networking community where brands and emerging artisans can connect, collaborate, and share short-term spaces.

What​ ​are​ ​COLLAB’s​ ​features?

  • Creating a brand profile and being discoverable by retail industry professionals.
  • Posting a project and finding like-minded business to collaborate with.
  • Searching, finding, and collaborating with a complementary brand to rent a joint pop-up space.
  • Searching for and discovering new brands and business opportunities.

How​ ​does​ ​COLLAB​ ​work?

Boutiques and emerging brands can discover and match with other complementary brands to form strategic partnerships, combine resources, and gain more exposure by sharing short term pop-up spaces. By joining Collab, you can:

  • Create joint retail experiences and drive in-store campaigns.
  • Run digital cross-promotions to boost brand reach.
  • Explore product collaborations and exclusive offerings.
  • Share knowledge and resources to drive community growth.

What​ ​is​ ​COLLAB​ ​Project?

Collab Project enables a brand to post specific details concerning their optimal budget, location and timeframe to rent a pop-up space. Brands can view projects and decide to partner up with others to leverage their resources and jointly secure Pop-Up Space.

How​ ​does​ ​COLLAB​ ​SPACE​ ​work?

COLLAB Space is an experimental community hub that fuses in-store and online retail experiences. Powered by iVANZi, a curated online marketplace, the space also enables brands and designers to interact directly with their off-line customers.​ ​A curated selection of brands within the Collab community are rotated every month to bring unique retail experiences to consumers. Visitors to Collab Space will be able to discover emerging fashion brands, try out the latest tech gadgets, and explore trending home décor merchandises. Customers will also be able to immediately buy products online within the store and avoid checkout lines.